Friday, December 7, 2018

Messages to say good night to a girl

Tonight, I want my last message before I fall asleep for you: good night!

Very happy moments spent with you. Good night, on my side I will have sweet dreams ....

Tonight for me it shines, it is unique, I like to admire it and it is not the moon ... Good night.

Best goodnight messages for her are :-

I spend very good moments in your company and you do not quit my thoughts anymore. I can not wait to see you. Very good night.

You are a wonderful girl with whom I feel good and have a great time. Very good night !

With you I do not see the time pass, I would like to see you more often. Good night.

How do we make to chat by text? ;) Good night !

I can not fall asleep without sending you one last message: good night, have sweet dreams.

Do you think of me before falling asleep? I'm just doing that ... Good night!

I hope I'll be part of your dreams, no doubt you'll be part of mine. Good night !

I fall asleep against my pillow thinking it's you ... Good night!

I must stop thinking about you, I can not sleep! Good night.

You can also send a good romantic night message ...

For friends check these one

Wish a Good Night With Kiss

Wish a good night: As many kisses as stars
Every star that shines in the night that surrounds you is a kiss that I send you to wish you a very good night.
Every kiss I send you is a sign of my love for you, an infinite love.
Have a very good night and have beautiful dreams.
Good night
Millions of stars ... and kisses.

Here below you can find some more good night messages that you can send to your loved ones and make them realize that you really do care them.

Wish good night with humor
You wish to be beautiful, rich and intelligent?
I have a solution for you!
Go to bed ...
And above all, have sweet dreams!
Have a very good night!